Ryan Frederick

Ryan Frederick is the Founder & CEO of Smart Living 360, a real estate development and operating company focused on delivering innovative living experiences with a particular emphasis on well-being.

Ryan is an innovative thought leader in housing and services for older adults.  In his decade in the field, he has served as an executive for several of the largest Seniors Housing operators in the country, as a principal for a private equity firm with substantial investments in the industry and as a founder of a strategy and innovation practice that has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 organizations to standalone not-for-profit communities.  He is a frequent speaker and his writings have been circulated widely in the industry.

Previously, Ryan worked for several venture backed startups in the Bay Area.

Ryan holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton and an MBA from Stanford.

Ryan lives in Baltimore, MD with his wife, three kids and dog, turtle and Big Green Egg and courageously roots for the Pittsburgh Steelers amidst a world of Ravens fans.