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What is SmartLiving 360?

Living in the Age of Longevity


Ryan Frederick started SmartLiving 360 to help people answer the questions that have arisen as we begin to understand what it means to be living in a new era of longevity. Living in the Age of Longevity will afford many of us extra years, even decades, of life. Research shows that thriving depends largely on our lifestyle choices. In other words, we can choose not only to live longer, but SmartLiving 360 helps individuals live smarter, healthier, more satisfying lives.

 There are foundational pillars to healthy aging that anyone who wants to age successfully must plan for. These are the areas of life that Ryan created SmartLiving 360 to address:



Social Connection

Physical Well-being

Financial Well-being


Thriving in the Age of Longevity


Ryan Frederick is a nationally recognized thought leader, author, innovator, developer, and strategy consultant specializing in health and place with over 15 years in the field. His work has been cited in Forbes, The Washington Post and many other outlets.



We’re living longer.

Spend those years thriving,
not just surviving.


Scientific data shows, we are living longer, and our lifestyle choices – who we live with, where we live, how much agency we have over our financial and physical affairs – are predominantly responsible for the quality of those years.

Life expectancy in 1900, 50 years old
Life expectancy in 2050, 94 years old

We’re living longer.

80% of longevity is linked to lifestyle
20% is linked to genetics

Lifestyle choices matter.

Number of people 65 and over (in millions)

The demand for a new approach is increasing.

Place Matters 


Where you live determines so much about the quality of life you should expect, as well as how long you should expect to live. When we talk about ‘place,’ we’re not just talking about your physical dwelling space. Your home matters, of course, but so does your neighborhood, the community of people that you live near, your financial security, your physical and mental health, and your sense of purpose.

Health and place are intrinsically linked, and your quality of life is tied directly to the place you call home. 



A New Vision for Housing


Ryan Frederick, Founder of SmartLiving 360, describes a future where people can trade the isolation of single family homes or retirement institutions for rich connections and purposeful living in intergenerational, walkable mixed-used housing.

The future of next generation housing is here today.



Living with Purpose


Thriving longer requires looking at the whole picture. Purpose, social connection, physical well-being & brain health, financial preparedness and control, housing and the built environment, all play a vital and interconnected role in helping us make the most of living in the Age of Longevity and thrive in at the intersection of health and place.

From consulting with existing institutions in the field of longevity to partnering with real estate owners and developers to creating accessible content for consumers, SmartLiving 360 brings a complete range of innovative ideas and sustainable solutions to help individuals, communities and businesses thrive longer. Read more about the SmartLiving 360 Approach.


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